Manual Stairclimbers

Manually handling large loads is dangerous and inefficient. Manual stairclimbers are an affordable way to boost productivity and keep workers safe. For a minimal investment, your business can enjoy the benefits of owning a Mario manual stair climber. Many small offices and residences also use Mario manual stairclimbers to move loads up and down stairways. These handy devices are lightweight and easy to store. They make moving loads on staircases a breeze. The days of juggling and dropping heavy items are over. Move major loads with minimal manpower using a Mario manual stair climber.


The Amazing Tri-Star Wheel Configuration

Mario manual stairclimbers might resemble hand trucks but they are very different. A Mario manual stair climber has a tri-star wheel configuration to navigate all types of stairways. The three wheels are set up in a triangular formation, rather than the single wheels used on hand trucks. While a hand truck handles a flat surface, Mario manual stairclimbers tackle stairs with ease. They work best going and up and down stairs.


Mario Manual Stairclimbers are Durable

Businesses and residences depend on Mario manual stairclimbers because they are durable. They are also convenient because no battery or power is required to transport loads up and down staircases. With a bit of manpower, a large load can be moved quickly and efficiently. Typically you only need one worker to use a Mario manual stair climber. Many couriers depend on them for lightweight deliveries. Certain Mario manual stairclimbers are made to handle hundreds of pounds for industries such as heating, construction and appliance delivery.


Workers are Protected

Walking up and down staircases with heavy loads was dangerous. Workers had to carry the loads on their backs or shoulders. It was essential to move together or the load would get dropped and damaged. Sometimes workers suffered serious injuries. These losses cost businesses a lot of money, which cut into their profits. Customers and workers were unhappy, which had a negative impact on a business’ reputation. A Mario manual stair climber is a budget-conscious solution to these problems. Workers enjoy a safer workplace and customers get their deliveries without damages or delays.


Operation is Easy

There are basic types of manual stairclimbers that have moving plates or a push arm function. Either way, they are simple to move up and down stairs. Repetition of movement keeps the stair climber going upward or downward. There is a braking system so the stair climber does not roll off the edge of a stair when a worker needs to stop. The wheels are designed so they do not cause any damage to the floors or stairs at a customer’s location. Operating a Mario manual stair climber is easy and gets the job done in much less time.


Mario Manual Stairclimbers Are For Everyone

While businesses benefit from owning Mario manual stairclimbers, these handy devices are great for everyone. Consider the many uses of a Mario manual stair climber:


–        Delivery companies hire fewer workers and get loads delivered faster

–        Couriers handle all types of bulky packages

–        Offices distribute computer printouts, paper and more on multiple floors

–        Homeowners and landlords easily move furniture, appliances and more up and down stairs


Find out about the different Mario manual stair climber models and how they can improve your everyday operations.