Mario Super SC200

Transport of Fireplaces, Stoves and Photocopiers with the Mario Super SC200

Facing a staircase can be stressful for workers who need to transport fireplaces, stoves and photocopiers manually. These heavy items could crush a worker, destroy the premises and shatter if they are dropped. For these reasons, wise business managers are investing in the Mario Super SC200 electric stairclimber to get the job done safely. This stairclimber is made to transport these types of items without incidents.


The Safe Transport of Fireplaces, Stoves and Photocopiers

For many years, items such as fireplaces and stoves were moved manually by multiple workers. This meant working together in unison to move oversize items or risk getting hurt. The items could be dropped which would result in serious damages. Businesses had to cover the cost of these injuries and damages. It also had a negative impact on a company’s reputation. Now the safe transport of fireplaces, stoves and photocopiers is easy with a Mario Super SC200. It is specially designed to deliver big items. The operator just has to drive the electric stairclimber with no other human effort involved. Transporting large loads is no longer laborious with the use of an electric stairclimber. Photocopiers arrive at big business locations without being broken or damaged.


Moving Bulky Loads with a Mario Super SC200

Bulky loads are awkward to load and delivery. Trying to do it manually is precarious and frustrating. The Mario Super SC200 is suited to carry low loads such as a stove as well as bulky and tall items such as a fireplace. The electric stairclimber can carry loads as low as 90 cm or as tall as 200 cm. The key to making it happen is the adjustable loading floor. This always puts the operator in the proper position with a straight back. Many people in the delivery industry wind up having back problems over time. Using an electric stairclimber such as the Mario Super SC200 can reduce or eliminate the development of back pain due to the fact the operator stays in the right position.


Saving Businesses Money and Time

Reducing worker injuries saves businesses money. Workers do not lose time from the job and are not in a position to file injury claims. This also makes workers happier and more loyal the company because they have better working conditions. Using an electric stairclimber also ensure loads arrive in a timely manner. Customers are pleased deliveries are made as scheduled. This boosts a business’ reputation and profits over time. It is easy to see why a growing number of companies consider the Mario Super SC200 a wise investment in the future.