Mario Super SC200 SCF

The Easy Transport of Fireplaces, Stoves and Photocopiers with a Mario Super SC200 SCF

Using a Mario Super SC200 SCF takes the hard labor out of the transport of fireplaces, stoves and photocopiers. This amazing electric stairclimber turns a difficult job into an easy one. Instead of hiring multiple people to lift and move big items, Mario Super SC200 SCF handles the situation with ease. One operator simply drives the electric stairclimber to move loads up and down staircases.


Low and Bulky Loads are No Problem

The transport of fireplaces, stoves and photocopiers can be unpredictable. These items are not just heavy but have odd shapes. The Mario Super SC200 SCF electric stairclimber is designed to carry low loads such as a stove that measures 90 cm. It can also move bulky loads such as a fireplace or photocopier that is 200 cm. The adjustable loading floor of makes this possible as it puts the operator in the proper position with a straight back. This also helps to reduce losses and injuries that can occur during delivery of heavy items. A Mario electric stairclimber also has a balance spot to balance the load without the operator adjusting it during the delivery. Once the load is balanced, all the operator needs to do is drive. It is the simplest and easiest way to transport fireplaces, stoves and photocopiers.

Ways to Save with a Mario Super SC200 SCF

Investing in an electric stairclimber such as the Mario Super SC200 SCF saves businesses money. It takes less time and effort to deliver large loads which means more can be done in one day. A company earns greater profits by delivering a greater number of goods. Using an electric stairclimber can also help to reduce worker injuries. The electric stairclimber does the majority of the work so employees do not get hurt on-the-spot or over time. Fewer claims mean businesses earn more without making these types of expenditures. An electric stairclimber ensures deliveries are made on-schedule to keep customers satisfied and boost your business reputation. Good word-of-mouth means more customers will want your goods and services.


What Makes the Mario Super SC200 SCF Different

The major difference between the Mario Super SC200 SCF and the Mario Super SC200 relates to loading the van. The Mario Super SC200 SCF is able to load itself right into the van. This reduces labor even more so jobs are done faster. Businesses are discovering what a solid investment the Mario Super SC200 SCF is when it comes to moving big loads.