• stairclimebr-Mario-Super-SC200

    Mario Super SC200

    Transport of Fireplaces, Stoves and Photocopiers with the Mario Super SC200 Facing a staircase can be stressful for workers who need to transport fireplaces, stoves and photocopiers manually. These heavy items could crush a worker, destroy the premises and shatter if they are dropped. For these reasons, wise business managers are investing in the Mario Super SC200 electric stairclimber to get the job done safely. This stairclimber is made to transport thes...
  • Mario Super SC200 SCF

    Mario Super SC200 SCF

    The Easy Transport of Fireplaces, Stoves and Photocopiers with a Mario Super SC200 SCF Using a Mario Super SC200 SCF takes the hard labor out of the transport of fireplaces, stoves and photocopiers. This amazing electric stairclimber turns a difficult job into an easy one. Instead of hiring multiple people to lift and move big items, Mario Super SC200 SCF handles the situation with ease. One operator simply drives the electric stairclimber to move loads up...

Transport of fireplaces, stoves and photocopiers