Help Standard

Moving Corpse Caskets with a Help Standard Mario Stairclimber

Moving corpse caskets is a sensitive job that requires the proper equipment. Nobody wants a calamity to occur with a corpse while in transit. Moving corpse caskets is easier with the use of a Help Standard Mario electric stairclimber. This fixed stairclimber is designed for transporting corpses and funeral services. It is a must-have item for any business in the funeral industry. Mario stairclimbers are built to last a lifetime and come with a warranty.

A Help Standard is Built for Moving Corpse Caskets

An electronically-controlled stairclimber is the best method for moving corpse caskets. A Mario Help Standard is specially designed for this specific purpose. The Help Standard model is fixed while the Help Articulated stairclimber can be used for loading the corpse in the car. Many businesses find the Mario Help Standard suits their basic needs while the Help Articulated has better logistics. Using a Mario stairclimber for moving corpse caskets helps to maintain their integrity every step of the way. No matter where the corpse needs to be moved, a Help Standard gets the job accomplished with grace and ease.

Expect Top Performance from a Mario Help Standard

Moving corpse caskets must be done carefully and respectfully as clients expect nothing less. Your business image depends on the proper transport of corpses without incident. Businesses can expect top performance from a Mario Help Standard stairclimber. There is a balance spot so the corpse is properly balanced with little or no effort on behalf of the operator. The stairclimber can navigate all types of stairways are various funeral venues. The operator just has to drive the Mario Help Standard with no other energy expended. From balancing the casket to transporting it to the funeral destination, every aspect of moving corpse caskets is done smoothly.

A Mario Help Standard Stairclimber is Practical

Using a Mario Help Standard electric stairclimber is practical. Trying to move a casket manually can require up to six workers. It is unsteady and can be quite risky. A stairclimber ensures the job is done properly in accordance with your clients’ wishes. It increases the quality and image of any funeral-related business. The stairclimber is strong and durable to handle corpses and caskets of all sizes. It is also an eco-friendly choice, which appeals to business owners and their customers. Funeral services are a difficult time for everyone involved and using a Mario Help Standard stairclimber makes the experience a bit easier.