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    Help Articulated

    Moving Corpse Coffins with a Help Articulated Mario Electric Stairclimber When moving corpse coffins, a worker has to handle them with care. The coffins contain the loved one of a client. They expect the corpse to be treated properly every step of the way. The Help Articulated Mario electric stairclimber is made to transport coffins and make funeral go more smoothly. This also boosts the business image of companies in the funeral industry.   The Benef...
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    Help Standard

    Moving Corpse Caskets with a Help Standard Mario Stairclimber Moving corpse caskets is a sensitive job that requires the proper equipment. Nobody wants a calamity to occur with a corpse while in transit. Moving corpse caskets is easier with the use of a Help Standard Mario electric stairclimber. This fixed stairclimber is designed for transporting corpses and funeral services. It is a must-have item for any business in the funeral industry. Mario stairclim...

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