Mario Super RD 158GV

Delivery of Vaults, Cabinets and Industrial Refrigerators with Mario Super RD 158GV

The delivery of vaults, cabinets and industrial refrigerators is much easier with an electric stairclimber such as the Mario Super RD 158GV. For many years, these items had to be transported manually by multiple workers. Now a Mario Super RD 158GV makes it possible for one or two workers to complete the delivery of vaults, cabinets and industrial refrigerators with little or no effort. This well-designed electric stairclimber can also be used to move other tall and heavy loads. From the carpet industry to vending machine moguls, everyone is realizing the Mario Super RD 158GV is a solid investment.


Moving Vaults and Cabinets with the Mario Super RD 158GV

Businesses realize it pays off to invest in an electric stairclimber that is designed specifically for a certain purposes. Vaults and cabinets are tall and heavy. They can be difficult to transport without an electric stairclimber. It would take incredible manual strength and endurance to move such huge items. If they were dropped, it could damage the premises and cause serious injury to the workers. The Mario Super RD 158GV is made to move these types of items without problems. It can transport up to 250/310 kg on a stairway. Little or no human effort is required to move these oversize loads. The operator simply drives this well-built electric stairclimber to get the job done.


Moving Industrial Refrigerators with the Mario Super RD 158GV

Industrial refrigerators are used at businesses that serve multiple people each day. They are found at restaurants, cafeterias and nursing homes. The durable Mario Super RD 158GV is used to transport these industrial refrigerators on all kinds of staircases. This sturdy electric stairclimber can even navigate narrow stairways. No matter where an industrial refrigerator needs to be delivered, this electric stairclimber makes it possible.


Moving Other Items with the Mario Super RD 158GV

The incredible Mario Super RD 158GV handles even more than the delivery of vaults, cabinets and industrial refrigerators. This electric stairclimber is built to transport other important loads, too. Businesses use the Mario Super RD 158GV to move carpet rolls, vending machines and cylinders. The carpet industry often has to move tall carpets that weigh a lot. Vending machines are a big business and can be found in all types of venues. This handy electric stairclimber can get past the narrowest staircases to place the vending machine or carpet wherever it needs to go.