Mario Junior RD

Many industries require the delivery of hight lightweight goods. From office suppliers to antique shops, there are a large number of retailers the use the Mario Junior RD for the delivery of lightweight goods of all types. A stairclimber can be used to delivery both heavy and lightweight items. The Mario Junior RD is specially designed to carry lightweight loads. It is the most economical choice available to ensure delivery of lightweight goods is done properly without incident.

Fit the Mario Junior RD into Any Budget

Some businesses believe an electric stairclimber will not fit into the budget. Others figure an electric stairclimber is designed solely to carry heavy and bulky items. Fortunately, the economical Mario Junior RD makes it possible for more businesses to invest in an electric stairclimber. It is the most affordable product of its category. For a reasonable investment, businesses can now transport a variety of lightweight items without juggling or breaking any of them. The Mario Junior RD is made specifically to carry hight lighter items. It saves time which also means hiring fewer workers and spending less money. Over the long haul, it is an investment that yields significant returns for businesses of all sizes.

Lightweight Deliveries with the Mario Junior RD

Making lightweight deliveries with a Mario Junior RD is simple. The operator just has to drive the stairclimber with no other effort expended. The Mario Junior RD can transport loads up to 1,30m high that weigh up to 100/170 kg without effort. This unique stairclimber is made to delivery tall items. It can be awkward to try to deliver a tall item up and down stairways without the use of an electric stairclimber. Now workers find the delivery of lightweight goods that are tall is no problem with the use of the specialized Mario Junior RD.

Navigate Any Venue with the Mario Junior RD

Trying to carry a tall item on a narrow staircase is a difficult puzzle when it is done manually. It can make the delivery of lightweight goods that are also tall seem impossible. The Mario Junior RD is made to get past some of the narrowest staircases. It can navigate just about 90 percent of the stairways a worker will encounter. This means deliveries can be made on time without disappointing any customer. The stairclimber also has a balance spot so the operator does not have to be worried about keeping the load in balance. The delivery of lightweight goods gets done right when you invest in a budget-conscious Mario Junior RD.