• stairclimebr-Mario-Cubo

    Mario Cubo

    Delivery of Lightweight Goods with Mario Cubo The delivery of lightweight goods is not always as easy as it seems. They can be difficult to balance because they weigh less and may have an awkward shape. Delivering multiple items in one trip can also be challenging. Delivery of lightweight goods is much easier when workers use the Mario Cubo electric stairlift . It is designed to transport lightweight materials and is a worthy investment for most businesses...
  • stairclimebr-Mario-Junior-RD

    Mario Junior RD

    Many industries require the delivery of hight lightweight goods. From office suppliers to antique shops, there are a large number of retailers the use the Mario Junior RD for the delivery of lightweight goods of all types. A stairclimber can be used to delivery both heavy and lightweight items. The Mario Junior RD is specially designed to carry lightweight loads. It is the most economical choice available to ensure delivery of lightweight goods is done pro...

Delivery of lightweight goods