Mario Senior RD/RS

Delivery Furnitures with Mario Senior RD/RS

Delivery furnitures of all types are done with no hassles using the Mario Senior RD/RS. An electric stairclimber is the most efficient way to deliver furniture of all sizes and shapes. From middle to tall items, the Mario Senior RD/RS takes the load where it needs to be. Now delivery furnitures require minimal effort and can be done in less than half the time using a Mario Senior RD/RS. A large number of moving and delivery businesses are investing in an electric stairclimber to improve efficiency and boost the bottom line over time.


Taking Furniture Up and Down Staircases

Whether you are a mover or delivery person, an electric stairclimber is a must-have machine to have around. The Mario Senior RD/RS is made with delivery furnitures in mind. The electric stairclimber feature a unique design that is ideal for carrying furniture. The Mario Senior RD/RS is fitted with four joins so the load is easily positioned under the wheels. This makes it possible to move furniture up and down staircases. An electric stairclimber moves everything lightweight parlor furniture to heavier bedroom pieces. The operator just drives and the stairclimber does the rest. With one finger, the job is already moving forward. It takes fewer people to move furniture in a fraction of the time.


All Types of Delivery Furnitures

An electric stairclimber is faster and uses no human energy. A balance spot makes it simple to balance the load so the operator doesn’t have to do the work. Best of all, the Mario Senior RD/RS has specialized accessories so you can deliver furniture from start to destination without ever moving the stairclimber. This saves time and makes the process of delivering furniture a breeze. It also minimizes risks involves with loss, breakage and worker injuries. The furniture is moved around less to reduce a variety of risks associated with deliveries.


Take it Anywhere

Moving furniture is safe and quick when you use an electric stairclimber. The Mario Senior RD/RS is built to move odd-shaped items, including tall ones. It can load until 170 kg. The Mario Senior RD/RS can pass through 90% of stairways to ensure almost any delivery can be made the first time you arrive. When the job it done, the electric stairclimber can be disassembled. This makes it portable to place on the seat of a utility car until the next delivery is made. Saving space makes a huge difference in the delivery and moving businesses.