Mario Junior RS

Certain deliveries require an electric stairclimber that is a low rider, such as the Mario Junior RS. It handles delivery bottles and carboys with ease. The Mario Junior RS makes it possible to safely transport water, spirits and chemicals on stairways with no concerns. This electric stairclimber is also used by some operators to lift oxygen therapy cylinders.


Lower to the Ground

Electric stairclimbers are often associated with lifting loads and finding the balance spot. The Mario Junior RS is ideal for delivery bottles and carboys because it is designed to carry low load items. The shelter is fixed to carry low loads. This makes it a perfect way to move delivery bottles and carboys. Lifting these bottles can be risky, especially if one worker is on the job. They can be awkward and cause physical strain unless businesses invest in an electric stairclimber. Dropping bottles filled with certain liquids, such as chemicals, can be quite dangerous. The Mario Junior RS is an ideal way to get the job done on all types of stairways. Even narrow staircases are no problem with an electric stairclimber such as the Mario Junior RS.


Working Well at Warehouses

Besides delivery bottles and carboys, electric stairclimbers can be used effectively in warehouse situations. The Mario Junior RS is recommended for people who have warehouses at basement level. It is also suitable for upper floors with no accessible lifts. The operator just needs to drive the machine to move or deliver a load. Warehouses benefit from having a Mario Junior RS for the transportation of bottles, carboys and other loads. It adds a level of efficiency other machines cannot provide and minimizes the stress on warehouse workers. Improving operations is a wise way to increase profits over time. For this reason, a growing number of businesses are investing in an electric stairclimber.


All Types of Stairs

Stairs used to be a reason for workers to groan. Trying to juggle a filled bottle up or down stairways was a tough job. Sometimes it took more than one worker to transport a large bottle. Dropping the bottle or carboy meant a messy loss of product that could also be hazardous. Using a Mario Junior RS is an excellent way to get delivery bottles and carboys to any destination without losing the contents or getting hurt. Mario electric stairclimbers pass in 90 percent of cases, which saves quite a bit of time and energy.