Mario Super RD 120 SSN

Delivering Boilers and Air Conditioners with Mario Super RD 120 SSN

Delivering boilers and air conditioners used to be a labor-intensive task that required multiple movers. Now the Mario Super RD 120 SSN makes delivering boilers and air conditioners effortless. It only takes the touch of a finger from one operator to start delivering boilers and air conditioners using the innovative Mario Super RD 120 SSN. An electric stairclimber can also be used to deliver large items such as air photocopiers, stoves and radiators at locations with stairs.


Convenience Matters

The Mario Super RD 120 SSN only takes 6 hours to charge and can work all day to navigate up to 1,000 steps. Delivering boilers and air conditioners doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore thanks to the use of a stairclimber. In years gone by, several workers were needed to deliver these heavy items. This cost businesses more money. They had to hire workers, pay salaries and cover the cost of insurance for these workers in a high risk situation. It could take hours to deliver one burner or air conditioner. If the workers dropped it on the way up or down the stairs, businesses paid out even more. The convenience of delivering boilers and air conditioners with a Mario Super RD 120 SSN matters to businesses. They are saving money and hiring fewer workers to get more work done by investing in an electric stairclimber. This level of efficiency helps to boost profits and ensure customer satisfaction.


Balance is Better

Trying to manually lift air conditioners and boilers can be a major feat. Getting the right balance with multiple workers is a challenge. If one of these expensive units is dropped, it can be costly to replace. Workers have a risk of getting hurt and losing time from work. It creates negative situations for businesses trying to get the job done. A stairclimber balances heavy loads for optimal performance. The operator can simply bend the handlebars to get the right balance. The operator does not have to keep the load in balance when they find the proper balance spot. The electric stairclimber can also pass through narrow staircases with ease. There are few risks now that items are being delivered by a stairclimber rather than juggled by multiple workers.


Work is Easy

Everyone wants to have an easier job. The electric stairclimber made this possible for people who are delivering boilers and air conditioners. The Mario Super RD 120 SSN requires a single operator and goods can be unloaded right from the van by using a special ladder. All the operator needs to do is drive the machine with no physical effort required.