Electric Stairclimbers

Efficiency and safety are two important issue business owners face today. Electric stair climbers create a safer and more productive work environment. They save time and ensure deliveries are made without incident. Advanced equipment makes your business more professional and reliable. Mario electric stair climbers are an important investment for your business.


Save Time

It takes a long time to manually move large loads. Often two or three workers are needed to move a load. They must work together or risk damaging the goods. Losing or breaking items takes even more time because they need to be replaced. It can take hours to get a heavy load up or down a staircase. A Mario electric stairclimber significantly cuts delivery time. What used to take hours now takes just minutes. Customers get their deliveries right away. Your business can schedule more deliveries in one day for greater profits.


Keep Workers Safe

Workers often hurt their backs and got injured delivering large loads. The human body can only endure a certain level of physical stress. Mario electric stair climbers are durable and made to hold hundreds of pounds. A worker can use a single button to get the stair climber started. It involves minimal effort with no risk of injuries. Businesses can hire fewer workers to get the same number of jobs done. Keeping workers safe minimizes the amount of injury claims made. It also ensures your workers are happier and healthier. As a result, your company attracts better workers who are more dedicated to their jobs.


Become More Profitable

Business losses and worker injuries become costly. When a business is liable for damages or injuries, it can cost a lot of money. This cuts into your business profits. A Mario electric stair climber protects workers against injuries. The loads are safely transported without being dropped or broken. Mario electric stair climbers are designed so no damage is done to customers’ stairs or floors. When you have fewer damages, you earn more money. It also boosts your reputation so more people want to do business with your company. Investing in advanced technology can put your business ahead of the competition.


Mario Electric Stair Climbers for Every Purpose

No matter how large or small the job, there are sturdy Mario stairclimbers designed for every purpose. Mario produces more than 15 of its own products to address the transportation sector on stairs. Reliable Mario stairclimbers are used to transport:


–        Courier loads such as paper and office supplies

–        Appliances including stoves, refrigerators and washing machines

–        Electronics such as computers and televisions

–        All types of construction materials

–        Heaters and boilers

–        Any bulky, tall and awkward item you need delivered up or down stairs


There are also Mario electric stairclimbers made to transport people with limited mobility up and down stairways. These specialized stair climbers help seniors and disabled people get around without dreading the stairs.


If you need a specific type of electric stairclimber, Mario can design it especially for your business. Simply consult with an expert at Mario to create the electric stair climber you need. Mario produces its own electric stair climbers so any design is possible. Help your business move forward by investing in a high quality Mario stair climber today.