For centuries, people struggled to carry goods up and down staircases. Now savvy people use stairclimbers to move all types of large items from one floor to another. A stair climber is a special type of trolley fitted with rotating wheels in a special configuration. This makes it easier to push or pull the stair climber with a load up and down stairways. There are various types of stair climbers including track, wheel and walker as well as push arm trolleys. Mario stair climbers have a special design with three wheels. They resemble handtrucks but the customized wheel configuration makes it easy to go up and down staircases.

Years ago before the development of Mario stair climbers, multiple workers were needed to move large items manually. It was a time-consuming and dangerous process. Workers had to move items in unison or risk serious injury. A heavy item could require several people to move it. Moving large goods was extremely slow and few jobs could be completed each day. There was also a good chance goods would be dropped and damaged along the way. Stairclimbers have changed the face of moving forever. The workplace is safer and more productive with stairclimbers. Businesses experience fewer losses and improved profits. The two main types of commonly used Mario stair climbers are manual and electrical.


A manual stair climber is affordable and easy to transport. It can be folded and tucked away in a small space. No battery or power is required to operate a manual stair climber. It can even be used in new warehouses and facilities that may not have power yet. Mario manual stairclimbers simply need some manpower to move a load. Often it takes just one operator to use a manual stair climber. Depending on the design, manual stairclimbers can move up to hundreds of pounds. Many people use manual stair climbers to transport light loads up and down stairways. The three wheels form a triangular shape to make tackling stairs a breeze.


An electrical stairclimber has powerful capabilities to lift the heaviest loads up and down staircases. The device has three wheels to navigate stairs with ease. The battery holds a charge for hours to get through a full day of work. Often a Mario electrical stair climber can be operated with a single hand. Both manual and electrical stairclimbers get the job done quickly with no damage to the customer’s premises. Using a stair climber significantly reduces the risk of workers getting injured on the job. From couriers to appliance manufacturers, buying a stair climber is a solid investment in your business.

There are also manual and electrical stair climbers designed to offer seniors and disabled people greater mobility. Also referred to as stair lifts, these devices move wheelchairs and people up and down staircases. People with reduced mobility can now get around their homes and outside venues without dreading the stairs. Find out more about what Mario stair climbers can do for your business and residence. Improve efficiency, boost profits and have a safer work environment with a manual or electrical stair climber from Mario.  You’ll start to look forward to using the stairs when you have one of these handy devices at your fingertips!