How to Transport Up and Down Stairs


When you train a moving crew, the focus is on getting the job done safely and accurately. Customer satisfaction is crucial to keep your business profitable and relevant. You also want to protect workers to reduce corporate liability and increase job satisfaction. It is crucial to show your workers the right way to get any moving job accomplished. This starts with showing them how to use a stair climber trolley.


All Trolleys Are Not Created Equal

When movers start a job, they might believe all trolleys are created equal. They find out during training that they are not. A regular trolley is made to use on flat ground or small ramps. Trying to use a regular trolley to get and down stairs is a dangerous proposition. It is crucial to show them the difference between a regular trolley and a stair climber trolley. The only way to move loads up and down stairs is using a stair climber trolley. These specially designed trolleys have triple wheels on each side. A stair climber trolley looks different and operates best on stairs. Navigating all types of staircases is a breeze when you use a stair climber trolley. The stair climber trolley involves little or no effort to get a big load up or down stairs. The difference becomes clear right away.

Lifting is Dangerous

Movers often believe they need a crew of several employees to lift large loads up and down stairs. These days are over. Lifting heavy loads is quite dangerous. The load can be heavier than the crew can handle. Someone might strain their back or break a limb. If the load gets dropped, the merchandise might get broken. The customer is sure to be dissatisfied. This situation can get even worse if the load damages the stairs or premises where the delivery is being made. A stair climber trolley gets the job done without any hazards. No lifting is required so fewer men need to be on the job. Often one man can move a large load using a stair climber trolley. The trolley is made so it does not damage the premises. Automatic balancing means the load remains secure during the move. Everyone is happy because no accidents occur when you use a stair climber trolley.

Life is Easier

The moving crew has a tough job. They need to move heavy loads, be amenable to customers and keep up with inventory. Using a stair climber trolley makes the job a lot easier. They can get loads up and down the narrowest and most winding staircases. A Mario stair climber trolley can navigate up to 90 percent of the staircases found at most job sites. This gives workers peace of mind and the ability to focus on customer satisfaction. As a result, your business reputation improves. It can definitely give you an edge on the competition.

Find out more about what a Mario stair climber trolley can do for your business. Inquire about an affordable and durable Mario stair climber trolley today and teach your staff how to use it tomorrow.

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