Think With Your Head and Save Your Back

Back straight stairclimber

Always keeping your back straight with Mario

Back injuries can put people in bed for weeks and even become a permanent source of pain. People who move heavy loads must constantly remain aware of how they are using their backs. Moving large loads manually can quickly take a toll on your back. With a Mario stairclimber, movers no longer have to risk back injuries to properly complete their jobs. The stairclimber take the majority of the pressure and the operator uses little or no physical effort to move big loads on stairs.

Competitor stairclimbers are not the answer to preventing back injuries. Other stairclimbers require the operator to work with a bended back. This puts pressure on the operator’s back that can lead to discomfort and injury. Often people suffer from back injuries for the rest of their lives. A serious back injury could even take a worker off the job permanently. In some instances, the employer might be responsible to help cover medical costs and other expenses. This becomes a serious loss for workers and employers. A Mario stairclimber is different from other competitor stairclimbers.

The operator of a Mario stairclimber works with the back in a straight position at all times. This minimizes the possibility of getting back strain and injuries. Manual moving is known to be a back-breaking job. Using an inferior stairclimber also puts operators at risk of developing back problems because they are working with a bent back. A Mario stairclimber puts the operator in an optimum position. They work with a straight back to stay healthy and well for years on the job. This also means fewer work-related injuries for employers to pay for. As a result, workers also maintain a better relationship with their employers. It makes a major difference when the right equipment is on the job.

For generations, movers and laborers suffered with back injuries. It took several people to move a heavy load up or down staircases. Narrow and winding stairways were particularly challenging and hazardous. Workers would have to strategize and lift together to avoid injury. In certain instances, it was nearly impossible. As a result, long-term workers wound up with back issues. Stairclimbers were an answer to this problem. However, the wrong stairclimber still puts workers at risk. It becomes a poor investment when injuries occur. Additionally, only Mario stairclimbers are made to navigate all types of staircases. Having the proper tool available prevents injuries and gets the job done on schedule.

Discover way more businesses are choosing Mario stairclimbers over the competition. Workers remain on the job longer and without unnecessary stress because they do not have to bend their back to operate the Mario stairclimber. This helps to prevent injuries and keeps workers happy. Employers have fewer personal injury claims. Customers receive their orders without incident. It makes good sense to think with your head, not your back. Durable Mario stairclimbers are known to last for a lifetime and have a 3 year warranty. Find out more about how Mario stairclimbers can be a solid investment for your company.

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