What Makes Stair Climbing Hand Trucks Different

Having a regular hand truck to move loads is never enough. There was a time when movers attempted to use regular hand trucks for all types of jobs. They soon discovered they were awkward on staircases and could lead to costly accidents. Discover what makes stair climbing hand trucks different and why your business needs to have one. Nothing boosts productivity more than having stair climbing hand trucks available to move loads up and down stairs.

What are Stair Climbing Hand Trucks?

A regular hand truck is made to move loads on flat ground. It makes it a breeze to move large loads on flat areas. This convenience ends when you need to move the load up or down stairs. This is when businesses need stair climbing hand trucks. Stair climber hand trucks are transport carriages with mechanical rotating wheels designed to go up or down flights of stairs. Typically stair climber hand trucks have 6 wheels that are installed in a triangular structure. This makes it easier to go up and down stairs. The stair climber hand trucks offer superior balance so workers do not have to worry about juggling or dropping big loads. You can instantly see how stair climber hand trucks are different from traditional hand trucks.

What Do Stair Climbing Hand Trucks Offer?

While we can visually see the difference between stair climbing hand trucks and regular ones, what else do they offer your business? People in the moving industry typically suffer from back strain and pain in the lumbar area. This can cause employees to lose time from work or even file a disability claim. Having stair climbing hand trucks helps protect employees from these type of injuries. Goods do not have to be loaded on their bodies, which can lead to short-term and long-term injuries. Additionally, the goods are more stable on stair climbing hand trucks. They minimize the risks of losing and dropping a load. Consider how much this could save your business each year. The ROI on stair climbing hand trucks becomes clear.

Are Stair Climber Hand Trucks Sturdy?

Mario stair climber hand trucks are durable and CE approved. They have a solid structure and long-lasting battery that can go a long time without the need to recharge it. Mario stair climber hand trucks can even climb on work vehicles fully loaded without being lifting by the operating. This actually helps to eliminate the weight of the machine and helps movers accomplish the job in a fraction of the time. The wheels are made of a special, soft material that leaves no trace at the delivery site. These handy stair climber hand trucks can be used on all floors, including parquet. If a worker forgets to turn off the trolley, it automatically shuts off after 10 minutes.

Inquire today about how Mario stair climber hand trucks can get the job done faster and more efficiently. Your business will boost its bottom line and improve its image when you use a Mario stair climber hand truck to get the job done correctly.

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