How to Safely Transport Electric Appliance

Mario Super RD120 CS180

The Mario Super RD120 CS180 is fantastic to transport electric appliance such as boilers and air conditioners.

Businesses and residences both need to know how to safely transport electric appliance. Lifting heavy appliances can be risky. One way to transport electric appliance is manually. This can put strain on the person’s back and cause damage to the appliance as well as the venue. Refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners are all heavy items to move. There is a safe and easy way to transport electric appliance including big ones such as boilers. People are investing in the right equipment to make this difficult job a breeze. An electric stairclimber is the ideal way to transport electric appliance.

There are a myriad of benefits when using an electric stairclimber to transport electric appliance. Typically it takes two or more workers to move a heavy item such as a boiler or refrigerator. With an electric stairclimber, one worker can move heavy items including washing machines. This saves businesses money because they do not have to have multiple workers at the job site. A stairclimber is a secure way to transport electric appliance. It is specially made to move items up and down stairways. The days of juggling heavy items are over. The item is placed on the stairclimber and moved with ease on stairs. This reduces the incidents of accidents and losses. Workers and customers are happier because the transport of electric appliance is completed without problems. Also, the job is done is less time so businesses can schedule more deliveries in a single day.

There are two electric stairclimbers that are frequently used to transport electric appliance. The Mario Super RD120  CS180 is fantastic to transport electric appliance such as boilers and air conditioners. This handy electric stairclimber lifts items that are up to 2.20 meter in height. It has a maximum lifting capacity of 100kg. Buyers feel reassured because a Mario warranty is included with the purchase of the Mario Super RD120 CS180. Another popular option for the transport of electric appliance is the Mario Super RD120 SSN. This incredible electric stairclimber is used to move heaters, stoves and photocopiers as well as boilers. The balance is better because of the foldable handlebars. This means fewer workers drop heavy loads, which can hurt them and the appliance. Only one operator is required to transport electric appliance with the amazing Mario Super RD120 SSN. Buyers also appreciate the Mario warranty included with the purchase of this useful electric stairclimber.

The most productive companies are investing in well-designed Mario electric stairclimbers to transport electric appliance and more. For decades people dreaded moving heavy items up and down stairways. Mario electric stairclimbers can navigate almost any staircase to ensure the job gets done. Whether companies need to deliver to businesses or residences, the Mario electric stairclimber gets the products to the desired location. Using the right tool for the job makes a big difference. Businesses are saving time, money and effort by using Mario electric stairclimbers for all types of moving jobs. Contact a local distributor today to get more information and a free quote. Ask if there is an opportunity to try a Mario electric stairclimber for free.

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