Mario Revolution Liftmatic

A stairclimber is the most effective way to move all types of items up and down staircases. Carrying heavy items is awkward and dangerous. Using a general purpose stairclimber such as the Mario Revolution Liftmatic is the safest way to transport everything from furniture to appliances. Instead of hiring several workers, it takes a single operator to move large loads without using physical energy. Savvy business owners realize a Mario stairclimber is an affordable and wise investment.

Generations of movers struggled to lift goods on staircases. Going upstairs was strenuous and required multiple laborers. Heading downstairs meant trying to keep control of weight despite the pull of gravity. Many workers were injured during these types of moves. Additionally, valuable products were broken and venues were damaged. Employers, workers and customers wanted a better way to move items. The Mario Revolution Liftmatic is the answer. Everyone instantly recognizes the difference when large loads are moved with a stairclimber. Businesses of all sizes are leaving the past behind to move into a better future with Mario stairclimbers.

The innovative Mario Revolution Liftmatic resembles a hand truck but is specially built to navigate a variety of different stairways. While a traditional hand truck works best on flat surfaces, the Mario Revolution Liftmatic does well on all types of staircases. The triple wheel configuration makes it easy to move large loads on staircases. The days of struggling and juggling are over. Goods are transported by one worker without injury or loss. Customers appreciate timely deliveries and business owners suffer fewer losses. As a result, companies can become more profitable. Their reputation improves and workers experience greater job satisfaction.

A key benefit of the Mario Revolution Liftmatic is its ability to go up and down the narrowest stairs. Narrow stairs can be impossible to navigate without the use of this handy stairclimber. The proper equipment makes the difference. From steep staircases to winding ones, Mario stairclimbers can take on up to 90 percent of staircases. As a result, most jobs can be completed without hassles or delays. Workers feel safe going up and down narrow stairways with any load. Mario stairclimbers also have an automatic balancing system so the load never feels insecure or wobbly. The days of dreading narrow stairways have come to an end. Now workers move big loads on narrow stairs in a fraction of the time.

The Mario Revolution Liftmatic can handle a big load up to 250kg. Another benefit is its ability to self-load in the van. It practically does the job itself. All it takes is one worker using little or no physical effort to accomplish the job. It no longer involves multiple workers or exertion to load items and move them on staircases. The revolutionary Mario Revolution Liftmatic has changed the way large loads are moved. Find out more about this amazing stairclimber and why it is a solid investment for your business. Best of all, sturdy Mario stairclimbers come with a warranty and are known to last for a lifetime.

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