How Do Manual Stair Climbing Trolleys Work?

Manual stair climbing devices look much like hand trucks but operate quite differently. A hand truck is designed to transport loads on flat surfaces. A manual stairclimber makes it easy to bring loads up and down stairways. It has a unique design to tackle this tough task. Manual stair climbers do not have a battery so they require some physical labor to accomplish the job. However, using a manual stair climber is much easier than using your body to physically transport big loads.


The Wheel Design Makes it Happen

The wheels are the secret to making manual stair climbers work. The wheels on a manual stair climber have a triangular configuration. Three wheels are placed in a triangle shape on either side of the trolley. This amazing configuration makes it possible to navigate all kinds of staircases. As a result, a manual stair climber does it best work when it is going up or down a stairway. This takes a lot of pressure off the operator to transport the load because they are not using pure physical force. This greatly reduces the number of injuries that happen on the job.


Basic Types of Manual Stair Climbers

Variations of manual stair climbing trolleys make them work differently. Push arm stair climbers have an arm those folds down to lift the trolley up with repetitive motions. An opposite configuration is used to go downstairs. There are also stair walkers with a piece called a foot. The foot is attached to the trolley by moving plates so it can go up and down staircases. Many models have a brake for greater safety as operators need to stop and start on stairways. No matter which model you get, they all make it much easier to transport bulky and awkward loads on staircases.


No Battery is Required to Get Work Done

Because manual stair climbing trolleys do not use a battery, they can be operated almost anywhere. They are ready to go whenever you are. They do require more physical effort than electric stair climbers, which can often be operated with a single finger or hand. However, manual stair climbing trolleys are an affordable solution for businesses and residences on a budget. Certain models can tackle hundreds of pounds but typically electric stair climbers are more efficient for big loads. Many couriers and offices use manual stair climbers to transport lighter loads on multiple floors. Multi-floor and multi-family residences might also use them to transport furniture, appliances and more.


Manual Stair Climbers Practically Pay for Themselves

Owning a manual stair climber is affordable and they practically pay for themselves over time. Fewer loads are damaged and fewer workers are needed to make deliveries. This helps to improve your business reputation. Operators rarely get injured using a manual stair climber because they are safe and efficient. Reduced losses mean greater profits for your business. This one-time investment can make your company much more productive and professional. This also means your customers and workers are happier.

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