4 Reasons Electric Stair Climber Trolleys are the Best

mario stairclimber trolley

In this picture you can see a Mario stairclimber trolley lifting and ballancing a stove of cast iron of the weight of 529 pound

Now that your business has decided to invest in a stairclimber, which one is the best choice? Many people are lured by the affordable price of a manual stair climber. However, most businesses agree the wisest investment they ever made was an electric stairclimber trolley. After researching both devices, businesses discover the benefits of using an electric stair climber trolley for all types of loads.


Working Manually is Inefficient

In days gone by, workers literally lifted heavy loads with their bodies. Pure manpower was the only way to transport goods up and down staircases. The process was lengthy and grueling. It could take hours to deliver just one big load. Everyone needed to work at the same pace to avoid damages or injuries. Multiple workers were required for simple jobs. Goods could be dropped and damaged along the way. The stairs and floors at customers’ venues could also be damaged. Electric stair climbing trolleys get the job done with less time and little effort. Often one worker can do what several workers used to accomplish. An electric stair climber is simple to operate and does the job efficiently.


Get Goods Safely to the Destination

Damaged goods are never good for your business reputation. Customers usually do not care how it happened. They just want to get their order in top notch shape in a timely manner. Electric stair climber trolleys are made to accommodate all kinds of loads. A single worker can move a large load up and down staircases. The trolley can be adjusted to suit the height of the worker and the load being carried. The stairclimber goes up and down stairs one step at a time. If a worker has to stop unexpectedly, the electric stairclimber trolley has a convenient braking device. These amazing devices can even navigate narrow and winding staircases without losing a load.


Fewer Losses Mean Greater Profits

When workers get injured on the job, it costs your business money. If goods are damaged, it also costs your business money. When a delivery venue is damaged, this is more money out of your business pocket. All of these losses add up and cut into your profits. The initial investment for an electric stairclimber trolley pays for itself when you consider how it can minimize your losses. Creating a safer work environment is the best way to reduce damages.


Increase Productivity

A productive business is a profitable one. Whether you have courier company or delivery furniture, you need to get the job done quickly and safely. Using an electric stairclimber trolley gets the work done fast. Fewer workers are needed to do the same job. This means you can make more deliveries in one day. There is less physical and financial stress on the business when you invest in the proper equipment. Your productivity will soar along with your business reputation. As a result, you will continue to realize impressive profits by simply getting the proper equipment for the job.

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