3 Year Warranty with a Mario Stairclimber

warranty stairclimber

3 Year warranty on every Mario Stairclimber

When businesses purchase essential equipment, they need it to work on a constant basis. Unreliable equipment can cause delays and dangerous situations. A stairclimber is necessary to move heavy loads up and down stairways. Smart buyers realize they get an impressive 3 year warranty when they invest in a Mario stairclimber. Unlike other stairclimbers, a sturdy Mario stairclimber is built to last and the company is willing to stand behind that claim with a comprehensive warranty. Long-term customers already sing the praises of Mario stairclimbers for lasting a decade or longer.

Mario stairclimbers are manufactured with care and precision in Italy. These innovative stairclimber trolleys are made in a factory in Padova. The staff is dedicated to making high quality Mario stairclimbers and is highly qualified. Each staff member is trained in accordance with current safety regulations to deliver stairclimbers customers can depend on. Originally Mario stairclimbers were sold with a 2 year warranty. Now Mario is confident enough about its products to offer customers an incredible 3 year warranty. Consumers know they can depend on Mario to provide superior stairclimbers and outstanding service.

Certain features make Mario stairclimbers safer and more durable than products created by competitors. A Mario stairclimber has 6 wheels to effortless move heavy loads up and down staircases with little or no physical effort. Items are automatically balanced to avoid wobbly loads. One operator is needed to use a Mario stairclimber. After 10 minutes of non-use, Mario stairclimbers shut off automatically to save energy and avoid potential hazards. For these reasons and more, Mario now proudly offers an outstanding 3 year warranty on its stairclimber trolleys.

If there are any problems or a customer simply needs servicing of consumable such as batteries, Mario representatives are available to offer assistance. In certain instances, a dedicated representative might go directly to a business location to provide help. Generally, Mario stairclimbers last for far longer than the term of the 3 year warranty. If a Mario stairclimber is not tampered with, it gives customers a lifetime of service. Most Mario customers currently own a stairclimber that is 10 or more years old. People are impressed with the durability of Mario stairclimbers, even when they are used on a constant basis. From moving companies to office suppliers, all types of businesses move the heaviest loads with these customized stairclimbers.

Mario stairclimbers have an outstanding reputation in the industry. Customers are always pleased to discover how long a Mario stairclimber lasts. For over a decade, these stairclimbers provide reliable service to people who handle frequent moving. Businesses rely on them to get up and down all types of stairways including winding staircases. Mario stairclimbers can tackle 90 percent of staircases to ensure deliveries are made on time. Potential customers who are still trying to make a decision can feel reassured knowing Mario stairclimbers now come with a 3 year warranty. With this extended warranty, now is the best time to invest in a Mario stairclimber for your business.

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