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Become a stairclimber dealer.

Do you want to make workplaces safer and earn a lot of money doing it? Become a distributor of Mario manual and electric stair climbers. You can earn significant profits by helping other deliver loads safely up and down stairways. Mario is currently looking for top notch distributors in the United States, Asia and Africa as well as some countries in Europe.

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We are currently looking for partners in the following areas

  • Ireland
  • United States
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • New Zeland
  • Australia


Feel Good About Mario Stair Climbers

Mario stairclimbers are a product you can feel proud of. They are manufactured in Italy by highly trained staff in accordance with current safety regulations. Mario stair climber trolleys come with a 2 year warranty and are known to last a lifetime.

Representatives are available to offer assistance with a variety of service problems. You are never alone when you distribute Mario stairclimbers. Our company is ready to answer any question you or your customers have. The reputation of your business gets an instant boost when you distribute these top of the line stair climbers.


The Many Advantages of Mario Stair Climbers

Mario stair climbers practically sell themselves because of the many advantages they offer to businesses and individuals. Consider these major selling points:

–        Greater protection of your back and body while transporting heavy loads

–        Reduced injuries at work, minimizing business liabilities

–        Greater safety and stability of goods for fewer losses and improved customer satisfaction

–        Unique 6-wheel design with a tri-star triangular configuration to easily tackle stairs

–        CE certified to be sold across Europe

–        Heavy and solid structure to transport all types of objects

–        Bulky and big loads are no problem

–        Manual stair climbers are affordable and easy to store or transport

–        Automatic switch-off feature on electric stair climbers

–        Electric stair climbers climb on work vehicles fully loaded without being lifted by an operator

–        Long lasting battery on electric stair climbers.


Work With a Reputable Company

As a Mario stair climber distributor, you have a golden opportunity to work with a reputable company. Mario stair climbers are considered the highest quality available in the delivery world. This year Mario is celebrating its 20th year of success in the stair climber industry. As a distributor, you are backed by a company with two decades of experience and success. Mario stair climbers can be used to transport everything from photocopiers to heaters. If a company wants a special type of stair climber, Mario can create customized stair climbers to suit any need. This makes your job even easier because you can offer exactly what any potential customer needs.


Find Out More Today

Mario stair climbers will always be in high demand. Businesses and residences realize the importance of investing in a stair climber for all types of deliveries. Mario also makes stair lifts for people with limited mobility. Their vast line of products addresses any need related to transportation on staircases. From a local courier to a major construction company, you will find Mario stair climbers at any worksite. As a distributor of Mario stair climbers, your profit potential is strong. Contact Mario today to find out more about distributing these coveted stair climbers. Making money with Mario is easy and helps businesses around the globe become more productive.