About Us

Mario Stairclimbers is the reference website for the British, Irish and US market for the sale of Mario Carrelli Stairclimbers, a company operating in the stairclimber industry since 1993.

For 20 years, Mario S.N.C. has helped companies of all sizes and types to boost efficiency and maintain safer workplaces. Mario Carelli founded the Mario S.N.C. Company in 1995 for the production and sale of industrial technologies. The company has evolved over the past two decades to develop the highest quality stair climbers on the globe.

Since 1997, Mario has resolved the problems of transporting goods in ladders. Today Mario is the leader in Italy for the production of stair climbers to transport small and heavy loads. Businesses are more efficient and workers are safer as a result of the transportation innovations created by Mario.

By 2006, Mario decided to produce and market additional industrial items. Currently Mario has more than 15 products of its own production. Businesses and residences depend on Mario to meet the needs of the transportation sector on stairways. As a producer, Mario can also design customized stair climbers for any business requirement.

Mario stair climber products are manufactured in our factory in Padua. All of our staff members are highly trained in accordance with current safety regulations. We take pride in every product we produce and strive to deliver the highest level of safety every step of the way.

Our 6-wheeled stair climber trolleys come with a 2 year warranty. Most users have found Mario stair climber last for a lifetime. If you have any difficulties, our representatives provide dedicated assistance on-the-spot. Because our stair climber trolleys are CE approved, they can be sold across Europe.

Mario has specially designed our 6-wheeled stairclimbers to offer a myriad of advantages. They provide greater product of your back and body to avoid injuries. These durable stair climber trolleys also ensure the stability and safety of the goods being transported. Fewer losses mean greater profits.

We create solid and heavy stair climbers with long-lasting batteries in our electric models. They can tackle any job and keep going when you need them most. Our electric stair climbers shut off automatically in 10 minutes to avoid losses or accidents. Mario stair climbers also have a braking feature so operators can stop and start as needed.

Mario also offers stair lift devices for people with limited mobility. These devices make it possible for seniors and disabled people to navigate stairs at home, hospitals and public venues.

The days of dreading stairways are over. Mario stair climbers are easy to operate and offer an array of advantages.

Now you can transport all types of goods up and down staircases in just minutes. Companies spend less time on deliveries and more time on business development.

Residences and small offices also benefit from investing in Mario stair climbers. Owning a stairclimber can save you money on delivery services. Offices can transport computer printouts and paper on multiple floors. Homeowners and landlords can move appliances, furniture and more up and down stairs.

For 20 years, Mario has helped people handle stairs with ease. No matter how large your load it, we have a stair climber to meet your needs. Contact a Mario representative today to find out more about what manual or electric stair climbers can do for you.