Mario Super SC200 SCF

Using a Mario Super SC200 SCF takes the hard labor out of the transport of fireplaces, stoves and photocopiers. This amazing electric stairclimber turns a difficult job into an easy one...Read more

Mario Senior RD/RS

Delivery furnitures of all types are done with no hassles using the Mario Senior RD/RS. An electric stairclimber is the most efficient way to deliver furniture of all sizes and shapes...Read more

Mario Super RD 120 SSN

Delivering boilers and air conditioners used to be a labor-intensive task that required multiple movers. Now the Mario Super RD 120 SSN makes delivering boilers and air conditioners effortless...Read more

On Mario Stairclimbers you can find Mario-branded stairclimbers suitable for any market need.
Mario Stairclimbers was created to help you find the stairclimber most suitable for your needs and nearer to you.
Our dealers can help you make a choice thanks to their experience in the stairclimber sector.
On Mario Stairclimbersyou can find devices to improve the logistics of your company and solve staircase transport and warehouse organisation problems.
In addition to stairclimbers, we have stairlifts for disabled people, manual trolleys and electrical and manual transpallets.
We specialise in stariclimbers as we have been buying these from the manufacturers and reselling them for years. In particular, in this website you will only find Mario stairclimbers.
Mario is an Italian company that has been dealing with staircase transport since 1995. The company was born as a producer and dealer of applied industrial technology, and today Mario is a leader in the Italian stairclimber industry.
Mario Stairclimbersis dedicated to staiclimbers for the markets of the United Kingdom, Ireland and the United States.
Ask for a quotation on this website, you will receive the best offer complete with support and assistance directly in your country of residence.
For more info on the Mario Stairclimbers products, please watch all of our videos, so you can see for yourself that our systems are easy to use even with bulky and heavy loads.